keskiviikko 4. toukokuuta 2011

My artist-daughter shits canonballs

Just to refresh my english, I will write this short text in english. I will tell everybody that my daughter is a hardworking artist and at this moment she is very active in many exhibitions in many countries. There is a strong pushing blow or wind going on. Maybe her life is happy and steady. Thats why her works are good and interesting for the public.
At the writing moment she is in Iceland with an exhibition. At the same time she has some work in Gothenburg (her artist-university) and in Paris. The audience in Paris likes her works. Fascinating!
This summer she will participate in a summer exhibition in Finland. Last summer she was in Mänttä, this summer somewhere else (Rauma?).

Blessings and love from a very proud mother

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  1. hahaha! the artist daughter is now back from Reykjavik - which was a busy & fun trip. Hot tub every evening and loads of good food. And yes, the exhibition went well to. Its on until May 29th at the Nordic House. Which by the way is a Alvar Aalto building - so the daughter sort of felt like being in Finland at moments.
    Now she is trying to take a week of from shitting out new work as canon balls...feeling the urge to just relax and sort out things, both in mind & at home. Cycle around town - stopping at nice bars/cafées for a while with a book & Alsterwasser (beer & Sprite, very popular here).

    The next stuff coming up is NYT2011 at Harkko Museum in Raisio (which is mostly known for its mills) and SHE DEVIL in Rome, both events starting in June.

    Yeah, life is good.

    bisous küsschen pusui puss